Mule Deer Hunting

All Mule Deer Hunts Currently Booked Full Through 2024

Big Horn Outfitters offers excellent mule deer hunting opportunities in Wyoming Game and Fish regions: C & Y. We harvest excellent deer every year averaging between 150-165″, with many larger deer harvested each year. You can expect to see good numbers of animals and have opportunities at respectable bucks during your hunt.  For the most part, these hunts are only mildly physical and can be enjoyed by hunters of all ages and abilities.  Success rates are generally 100% each year, the only hunters that haven’t harvested their deer, were looking for a specific animal simply chose not to take any others during their hunt. These deer tags will take a minimum of one Wyoming preference point to draw.

Mule deer/Antelope combination hunts are very popular among our hunters and allow you to experience two great types of hunt on a single trip. Generally, you’ll focus on the deer in the morning and evenings and hunt antelope during the middle of the day.


Archery Hunts

Archery mule deer hunts begin September 1 and rifle hunts begin on October 1.  Early archery hunts (first week of September) offer an excellent opportunity to harvest a full velvet mule deer buck!  Archery hunts are typically spot-and-stalk style hunts however we occasionally hunt water or food sources from a ground blind as well.  These hunts are extremely successful, we’ve been about 90% for the past 10 seasons on trophy caliber mule deer.  We are all bowhunters ourselves and completely understand what it takes to be successful with archery equipment.


Rifle Hunts

Rifle mule deer hunts are generally spot and stalk style hunts as well.  We spend a great deal of time glassing big rocky, brushy drainages and sage brush hills.  We will see a lot of animals on this hunt, the average deer harvested will score between 150-165″ but we often see and harvest deer that are much larger.  We hunt for mature deer, generally 23-26″ wide 4×4 mule deer.  No mule deer does will be harvested.  The Wyoming hunts will take place in October, while the Montana hunts take place in late October and November during the rut.  These deer hunts book up extremely fast, generally more than a year in advance and they all require 1+ preference point to draw the tag in Wyoming.  The Montana tag is a general deer license and will currently take 2 points to guarantee a draw.

Mule Deer Hunting

If you’re interested in an exciting hunt that offers a great opportunity to harvest a nice Wyoming or Montana mule deer, contact Big Horn Outfitters today.