What To Bring

License & Conservation Stamp

Make sure license and stamp are signed. They should be carried and in your possession at all times while hunting or fishing.


270, 30-06, 25-06, 7MM, and 300 Win mag are all good calibers. Expect shots from 50 yards to 400 yards on up. Whatever the caliber, know your gun! Get out and Shoot! Bring adequate ammunition for firearms. We have access to a 500 yard range to sight your weapons in, if necessary, after you arrive. Be sure to bring scope covers.

Bow & Arrows

for archery hunts. Check Game and Fish for legal tension strengths.

Sleeping Bags

Any type bag that is rated to temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit

Personal Gear/Clothing

This list could go on forever, but crucial items are warm clothes that can be put on in layers as temperatures fluctuate; two pairs of boots (one pair with fairly smooth soles for stirrups on the ride in); and some sort of rain gear is necessary, cap or hat with ear flaps, lightweight & warm gloves. Bow hunters need camouflage outerwear with face paint or head net and rifle hunters need blaze orange safety wear.


As this is fairly open country, you can locate game with a good pair of binoculars. A spotting scope can also be a handy item.

Backpack-Survival Kit

Make sure you have items with you at all times; compass, fire starting material, knife, folding saw, space blanket, orange ribbon for marking trail down to game, flashlights and rope. Cell phones will work in most of the areas that you will be hunting, but are not necessary.

Miscellaneous Items

Fishing pole (take down type) with #14 or smaller flies and Panther Martin spinning lures; snacks; items to carry with you while hunting; first aid items (we have a first aid box in camp); cold/flu medications come in handy; flashlights; cameras; game bags and a cow call or bugle if you are familiar with their use.

For additional information about our archery hunting guides and outfitter services in the Big Horn Mountains, contact Big Horn Outfitters today.