Hunt Prices

2019 RATES
Wyoming Elk Hunt areas: 34, 35, 36, 45
Moose Hunt areas: 34 & 42
in the Bighorn National Forest outside of Buffalo, WY
Deer Hunt Regions: C & Y
Antelope Hunt areas: 10, 15, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23, 102, 109

Fully Guided Rifle Hunts

Combination HuntPer Person
4-Day Management Deer/Antelope Combo (Private Land, Mule Deer or Whitetail)$4,600.00
4-Day Whitetail Deer/Antelope Combo Hunts (Private Land) Rut dates 11/1-11/30 Add $400$5,300.00
4-Day Mule Deer/Antelope Combo Hunts (Private Land) Hotel Hunt – Deduct $400$6,400.00
6-Day Elk/Deer Combination Hunts (Camp Hunt) – 5 full days of hunting$6,900.00
6-Day Elk/Deer Combination Hunts on Private Land$10,500.00

Elk HuntPer Person
4-Day Cow Elk Hunt (Camp Hunt) – 4 full days of hunting$2,450.00
4-Day Cow Elk Hunt (Private Land)$2,650.00
5-Day Elk Hunts (Private Land, Area 34)$7,900.00
6-Day Elk Hunts (Camp Hunt) – 5 full days of hunting$5,700.00

Moose HuntsPer Person
8-Day Moose Hunts (Camp Hunt) – 8 full days of hunting$6,500.00

Antelope HuntPer Person
3-Day Antelope Hunts (Private Land) Additional Buck Antelope Add $1,500 Hotel Hunt – Deduct $300$2,550.00

Deer HuntsPer Person
Meat Hunt – 3-Days Unlimited Whitetail Does$2,450.00
4-Day Management Mule Deer Hunts (Private Land)$3,100.00
4-Day Whitetail Deer Hunts (Private Land) Rut dates 11/1-11/30 Add $400$3,800.00
4-Day Mule Deer Hunts (Private Land)$4,900.00
4-Day Montana Rut Mule Deer Hunts (Private Land) Hotel Hunt – Deduct $400$4,900.00

Prairie Dog HuntPer Person
Prairie Dog Hunts
2 – Person Minimum

*Non-Hunters $175.00/Day

*Additional Hunting Days $550.00/Day

Fully Guided Archery Hunts

Elk HuntsPer Person
6-Day Elk Hunt (Camp Hunt) 1 on 1 – 6 full days of hunting$5,900.00

Moose HuntsPer Person
8-Day Moose Hunts (Camp Hunt) 1 on 1 – 8 full days of hunting$6,500.00

Deer HuntsPer Person
5-Day Deer Hunt (Whitetail)$3,800.00
5-Day Deer Hunt Mule deer (Private Land)$4,900.00

Antelope HuntPer Person
4-Day Antelope Hunt (Private Land$2,550.00

*Non-Hunters $175.00/Day

*Additional hunting days $550.00/Day

*Add Antelope to any deer hunt $1,500.00

Wyoming Merriams Wild Turkey Hunts

Turkey HuntPer Person
3-Day (Shotgun or Archery 1 bird) Additional Bird $600$1,650.00
3-Day Wild Turkey & Prairie Dog Hunt$1,950.00

Big Horn Outfitters can arrange hunting trips as short as two days up to 8 days for moose. If you would like to book extra days, you may do so for $550 per extra day.


Rifle hunts can be upgraded to 1-on-1 (one guide to one hunter) for an additional $1,500 if guides are available.


Hunt prices do not include licenses, stamps or permits.  These are issued by the state of Wyoming or Montana.


We can accommodate whatever your needs are for a memorable experience. We customize our Big Horn adventures to your individual needs. We provide exciting experiences for people of all ages and hunting abilities. We encourage youth hunting to get our younger generation active in the outdoors.


Lodging is included for the night prior to your hunt.  We offer a complimentary shuttle to and from the Buffalo and Sheridan, Wyoming airports.


We offer a shuttle to and from the Gillette, Wyoming airports for a fee of $250 per party, however most clients rent a vehicle.

To book your hunt, you’ll need to complete the Hunting Booking Agreement below.

Hunting Booking Agreement